Welcome to SoarLogan.com the home of Cache Valley Soaring Association (CVSA).  We fly from Logan-Cache Airport located in Logan, Utah.

Cache Valley Soaring Association is a club based operation that is run by volunteer members.  Our goal is to promote soaring through basic training and cross country flight.  We are associated with the Soaring Society of America (SSA.org)








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  1. Tracy W. Carlson says:

    Myself an a couple of friends are interested in coming to Logan to fly gliders for several days in June, we were curious as to what the availability of tows might be.

  2. Tim Taylor says:


    Generally tow are available most days. It is a club operation so we coordinate with the tow pilots a day or two ahead. Late June our tow plane may be gone during the Sports Class Nationals so please check ahead about availability.

  3. Eric Bick says:

    I am relocating to Utah this summer (working at Hill AFB), and would like to gt more info about flying out of Logan. I have my own plane, and want to be able to experience the different soaring sites in Utah. Would like to get more info about Logan flying, sue of facilities, types of membership.

  4. Bill Barnes says:

    I am going to be visiting a friend in Logan in June. What is the possibility of getting a couple of intro rides?


    Bill Barnes

  5. Tim Taylor says:


    Contact Adam Kite (adam dot kite at yahoo dot com)

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